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Zodiac Virgo facts: Virgo looks for affection and that certain closeness from their partner. If they are not receiving it, they will likely feel distant or that something is wrong. And the fact that they worry makes this feeling way worse.

everything personal

everything personal

Attempting to keep busy cleaning to avoid dwelling on the fact that my boyfriend is going on a camp tomorrow as a mentor with a whole bunch of 17-year-olds and he has no concept of appropriate boundaries. 17-year-olds fall easily, they like to flirt and are generally attracted to attractive older males.

I sometimes get so trapped in my thoughts of the future or my past that I forget to experience, let alone enjoy, what’s happening right now.

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there is just so much suffering and sadness and horrible things in the world, so much useless and pointless suffering. please spend your time on this earth making people feel loved. please love one another. reach out to someone who is hurting. appreciate others, and love others. there’s too much useless sadness in this world.

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